Credem International (LUX) SA

address: 10 -12 Avenue Pasteur - L-2310 Luxembourg
phone: (+352) 47 59 59 1
fax: (+352) 22 76 14
Board of directors
chairman: Lucio Zanon di Valgiurata
deputy-chairman: Alex Schmitt
members of the board of directors: Claudio Bianchi
Lorenzo Modestini
Rossano Zanichelli
Top Management
general manager: Lorenzo Modestini
co-directors: Claudio Bianchi
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Informativa Finanziaria Periodica 30092016_ENG.pdfAdditional periodic financial disclosure at 09/30/2016
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Credem presentazione 3Q16_ENG.pdfCredem Group 3Q2016 Results
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Press releases:
Press Release Credem 12_12_2016.pdfCredem, Moody’s affirms ratings. Outlook revised from stabile to negative, following the revision of Italy’s outlook
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