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Espandi/comprimi Year : 2016 ‎(15)
Press Release Credem 12_12_2016.pdf12/12/2016Credem, Moody’s affirms ratings. Outlook revised from stabile to negative, following the revision of Italy’s outlook42 KB
Press Release SREP 2017.pdf12/12/2016Credem Group, capital ratios significantly above new 2017 SREP requirements assigned by ECB77 KB
Press Release Credem 5_12_2016.pdf12/5/2016Credem, the European Banking Authority has published 2016 EU-wide transparency exercise results32 KB
Credem_9M16 Results Press Release.pdf11/11/2016Credem, 9m16 consolidated financial results: loans to customers +3.2% yoy and cet1 ratio 13.51%196 KB
PR FITCH revisione outlook ENG 31.10.pdf10/31/2016Credem, Fitch affirms rating. Outlook revised from stabile to negative following the revision of Italy’s outlook47 KB
Credem - 1H2016 Results Press Release.pdf8/4/2016Credem, 1H2016 consolidated results approved221 KB
Press Release Fitch 24_06_2016.pdf6/27/2016Credem, Fitch affirms rating39 KB
Press Release organizational change.pdf6/9/2016Credem, Nazzareno Gregori appointed as new General Manager67 KB
1Q16 Credem press release.pdf5/12/2016Credem, 1Q2016 consolidated results approved195 KB
Press Release Shareholders Meeting 2015 ENG.pdf4/28/2016Credem, general shareholders’ meeting approved 2015 results: profit €166.2 million (+9.5% yoy), dividend stable at €0.15 per share109 KB
Comunicato stampa risultati 2015_eng version_def.pdf3/14/2016CREDEM, fy15 results: dividend stable yoy at €15 cent, net profit +9.5% yoy at €166.2 mln226 KB
PR on 2015 consolidated results (2).pdf2/8/2016Credem, 2015 preliminary consolidated results: net profit +9.5% yoy, loans +5.3% yoy, remarkable solidity with cet1 ratio at 13.52%, well above the minimum srep requirement (7%)239 KB
PR Credemholding Preliminary 2015 results (2).pdf2/8/2016Credemholding, the board approves fy15 preliminary consolidated results: net profit €124.2 million, +8.3% YoY103 KB
comunicato 2_ENG.pdf1/26/2016Credem, Moody’s revises ratings40 KB
Press release on Credem's 2016 events calendar.pdf1/25/2016Credem, 2016 calendar of company events32 KB
Espandi/comprimi Year : 2015 ‎(21)
BCE_significant entities.pdf12/30/2015The ECB includes CREDEM Group in the list of European significant credit institutions 41 KB
Press release SREP.pdf12/28/2015Credem Group: SREP, capital requirements significantly above regulatory tresholds66 KB
Press Release Credem S P 2_12_2015.pdf12/3/2015Standard & Poor’s affirms Credem’s rating 41 KB
Press Release Credem 25_11_2015.pdf11/25/2015Credem, the European Banking Authority has published 2015 eu-wide transparency exercise results43 KB
Press Released Credem 9M2015.pdf11/11/2015Credem, 9m2015 consolidated financial results: net profit +17% yoy, loans to customers continued to grow +5.9% yoy209 KB
Press Release Credemholding 9M2015.pdf11/11/2015Credemholding, the board of directors approved 9m2015 results: net profit €113.6 million (+16.8% yoy)103 KB
PR Credem 30_10_2015_ Eng.pdf10/30/2015Credem, Moody’s places long term deposit rating under review for upgrade32 KB
Press release Credem AIRB.pdf10/5/2015Credem, Bank of Italy authorized the advance IRB model: more resources to sustain households and enterprises68 KB
Press release Credem 1H2015 results.pdf8/7/2015Credem, consolidated results: in the first half 2015 profit for the period +20.6% YoY, loans to customers continued to grow +5.3% YoY208 KB
Press release Credemholding 1H2015 results.pdf8/7/2015Credemholding, the board of directors approved 1h2015 results: net profit €90 million (+19.7%)100 KB
Press Release OPA PO SUBORDINATI 18072015.pdf7/22/2015Definitive results of the offer for the repurchase of subordinated bonds issued by Credem67 KB
PR Credem 2_7_2015_Fitch.pdf7/3/2015Credem, Fitch affirms rating and revises the outlook to stable40 KB
PR Credem 23_6_2015.pdf6/23/2015Moody’s upgrades Credem’s ratings 41 KB
Credem InnovFin - Press release English version.pdf6/9/2015Credem, InnovFin guarantee agreement to finance innovative companies in Italy32 KB
PR Credem 20_5_2015.pdf5/20/2015Credem, Fitch reviews the support rating and support rating floor42 KB
PR Credem 1Q15_eng.pdf5/11/2015Credem, 1Q2015 results: Net profit +47.4% yoy, Loans To Customers +6.6% yoy159 KB
PR Credemholding FY14 e 1Q15_ENG.pdf5/11/2015Credemholding: the board approved FY14 and 1Q15 results. Dividend at 1.75 euro per share (+17% YoY)120 KB
Credem General Shareholders' Meeting.pdf4/30/2015Credem, general shareholders’ meeting approved 2014 results: profit for the period €151.8 million (+31% yoy), dividend €0.15 per share, +25% yoy105 KB
PR Credem 18_3_2015.pdf3/18/2015Credem: Moody’s put ratings under review for an upgrade41 KB
Press Release Credem FY14 results.pdf3/17/2015Credem, fy14 results: net profit +31% YoY at €151.8 mln; dividend +25% YoY at €15 cent per share200 KB
Press Release FY14.pdf2/11/2015Credem: preliminary results. Net profit +31% Y/Y at 151.8 mln210 KB
Espandi/comprimi Year : 2014 ‎(12)
Press Release Credem 18_12_2014.pdf12/19/2014Standard & Poor’s affirms Credem’s rating. The outlook improves to stable from negative42 KB
Press Release_9M14 Consolidated Results.pdf11/11/2014Credem, 9m2014 results. Organic growth continues: net profit +28,1% YoY188 KB
PR Credem - Obg Fin.pdf10/30/2014Credem issues a 750 million euro covered bond. Gathered orders for an amount of 4 times the offer43 KB
Press release CA.pdf10/26/2014ECB Comprehensive Assessment results: Credem Group capital solidity is confirmed354 KB
Credem €735 million TLTRO credit line.pdf9/18/2014Credem €735 million TLTRO credit line52 KB
Credem Press release 1H14.pdf8/7/2014Credem, in the first half 2014 net profit for the period up by 39.4% YoY204 KB
PR Credem SP 18_6_2014 ENG.pdf6/18/2014Standard & Poor’s affirms Credem’s ratings44 KB
1Q2014 Consolidated results.pdf5/8/2014The board of directors approves first quarter 2014 group's consolidated results: net profit +34.4% YoY142 KB
PR Credem Shareholders Meeting.pdf4/30/2014Credem: general shareholders' meeting approved 2013 results; dividend at 0.12 euro per share88 KB
2013 Group results Press Release.pdf3/14/2014The Board of Directors approves full year 2013 Group’s Consolidated Results: dividend confirmed at 0.12 Euro229 KB
Press release OBG Credem.pdf2/18/2014Credem: Issues a 750 million euro covered bond61 KB
PR Credem 29_1_2014_ Eng.pdf1/29/2014Credem: Moody's confirms all ratings41 KB
Espandi/comprimi Year : 2013 ‎(14)
4 - Press Release Credem.pdf12/19/2013Credem: fixed in 12 the number of board directors' members61 KB
PR Credem 9M13.pdf11/14/2013The Board of Directors Approves 9M13 Group’s consolidated results: net profit of the period +11.2%185 KB
Credem - Moody's press release.pdf10/11/2013Credem - Moody's press release41 KB
Press Release 1H13 Credem Group results.pdf8/30/2013The Board of Directors approves first half 2013 Group's consolidated results: net profit +7.1%182 KB
Credem Fitch affirms ratings.pdf7/29/2013Credem Fitch affirms ratings40 KB
SP changes Credem rating.pdf7/24/2013SP changes Credem rating41 KB
Credem press release Standard and Poors.pdf7/12/2013Standard & Poor's places Credem's ratings under review50 KB
Credem_pr_CoveredBond_07022013.pdf7/2/2013Credem issues a 500 million euro covered bond56 KB
PR Credemholding Shareholders Meeting.pdf6/26/2013Credemholding: Shareholders' meeting approved 2012 financial statements. Dividend 1.40 per share162 KB
PR 1Q2013.pdf5/14/2013The Board of Directors approves first quarter 2013 Group's consolidated results: net profit +1.9% AT €42.4138 KB
PR Credem Shareholders Meeting 2012.pdf4/30/2013General Shareholders' meeting approves 2012 financial statements. Dividend €0.12 per share65 KB
2012 Credem Press Release.pdf3/15/2013The Board of Directors approves full year 2012 Group's consolidated results: net profit + 25.5%, dividend 0.12 euro per share210 KB
Press release city of Trani prosecutors.pdf2/4/2013Clarification on recent press news44 KB
credem_pr_company events 2013.pdf1/28/2013Calendar of company events48 KB
Espandi/comprimi Year : 2012 ‎(32)
SEG_CS conclusione acquisto azioni proprie_ENG.pdf2/11/2016Credem, closing of the treasury share purchasing plan55 KB
SEG_CS acquisto settimanale azioni proprie 01_05 Feb 2016_ ENG.pdf2/9/2016Credem, weekly communication related to treasury share purchasing plan50 KB
SEG_CS acquisto settimanale azioni proprie 25_29 Gen 2016_ ENG.pdf2/1/2016Credem, weekly communication related to treasury share purchasing plan50 KB
SEG_CS acquisto settimanale azioni proprie 18_22 gen 2015 _ ENG.pdf1/25/2016Credem, weekly communication related to treasury share purchasing plan50 KB
PR trasury share purchasing plan.pdf10/29/2013Treasury share purchasing plan: ending of the program43 KB
PR 9M2012.pdf11/14/2012Credem, the Board of Directors approves 9M2012 Group's consolidated results: net profit +5.5%180 KB
Weekly PR Credem 10 September 2012.pdf9/11/2012Weekly communication related to treasury share purchasing plan56 KB
PR Credem BNP Depositary Bank.pdf9/10/2012Credem completes the sale of its depository and correspondent banking57 KB
Weekly PR Credem 3 September 2012.pdf9/3/2012Weekly communication related to treasury share purchasing plan56 KB
Credem_PR _1H12_29082012.pdf8/30/2012The Board of Directors approves first half 2012 Group's consolidated results: net profit +23.2%200 KB
Weekly_PR_Credem_28-August-2012.pdf8/29/2012Weekly communication related to treasury share purchasing plan56 KB
PR_Credem_Fitch_29August2012.pdf8/29/2012Fitch affirms ratings44 KB
Weekly_PR_Credem_20-August-2012.pdf8/20/2012Weekly communication related to treasury share purchasing plan56 KB
Weekly_PR_Credem_13-August-2012.pdf8/13/2012Weekly communication related to treasury share purchasing plan60 KB
Weekly_PR_Credem_6-August-2012.pdf8/6/2012Weekly communication related to treasury share purchasing plan56 KB
Credem_pr_SP_08062012.pdf8/6/2012Standard & Poor's affirms ratings44 KB
Weekly_PR_Credem_30_July_2012.pdf7/30/2012Weekly communication related to treasury share purchasing plan18 KB
Credem_Press_release_Moodys_2012-7-17.pdf7/17/2012Moody’s changes Credem rating47 KB
Weekly_PR_Credem_16_July_2012.pdf7/16/2012Weekly communication related to treasury share purchasing plan56 KB
Weekly_PR_Credem_09-July-2012.pdf7/9/2012Weekly communication related to treasury share purchasing plan18 KB
Weekly_PR_Credem_02-July-2012.pdf7/2/2012Weekly communication related to treasury share purchasing plan18 KB
Press_release_Credemholding_27-06-2012.pdf6/28/2012Credemholding: Shareholders' meeting approved 2011 financial statements. Dividend 1.25 per share179 KB
Weekly_PR_Credem_25_June_2012.pdf6/27/2012Weekly communication related to treasury share purchasing plan57 KB
Weekly_PR Credem_18_June_2012.pdf6/18/2012Weekly communication related to treasury share purchasing plan54 KB
Weekly_PR_Credem_11_June_2012.pdf6/11/2012Weekly communication related to treasury share purchasing plan18 KB
Credem_pr_1Q12_results_05152012.pdf5/15/2012The Board of Directors approves first quarter 2012 Group's consolidated results: net profit +35.9% AT €41.6 196 KB
Credem_pr_Depository_Bank_dismissal.pdf5/7/2012Credem signs an agreement for the sale of its depository and correspondent banking activites to BNP Paribas Securities Services58 KB
PR_Credem Shareholders_Meeting_2011.pdf4/30/2012General Shareholders' meeting approves 2011 financial statements. Dividend €0.10 per share78 KB
Credem_pr_FY2011_16032012.pdf3/16/2012The Board of Directors approves full year 2011 Group's consolidated results: net profit + 23.8%, dividend 0.10 euro per share207 KB
Credem_pr_Moodys_16022012.pdf2/16/2012Moody's places Credem ratings under review15 KB
Credem_pr_SP_rating_02-13-2012.pdf2/13/2012Standard & Poor’s changes Credem rating49 KB
Credem_pr_company_events_2012.pdf1/26/2012Calendar of company events52 KB
Espandi/comprimi Year : 2011 ‎(20)
Credem_pr_sale_Bancaeuromobiliare_Suisse.pdf12/19/2011Credem closes the agreement for the sale of Banca Euromobiliare (Suisse) S.A. to Zarattini Group16 KB
Credem_pr_credit_watch_negative.pdf12/9/2011Standard & Poor's affirms Credem's ratings and places them on credit watch with negative implications15 KB
Credem_pr_Fitch_rating.pdf11/28/2011Fitch changes Credem ratings48 KB
Credem_pr_3Q11_09302011.pdf11/11/2011The board of directors approves 9M2011 Group's consolidated results142 KB
Credem_pr_SP_changes_ratings_19102011.pdf10/19/2011Standard & Poor's Changes Ratings15 KB
Credem_pr_Moodys_10062011.pdf10/6/2011Moody's Action on Ratings51 KB
Credem_pr_1H2011results_08292011.pdf8/29/2011The board of directors approves first half 2011 group's consolidated results202 KB
Credem_pr_Moodys_2011-6-23.pdf6/24/2011Moody's Press Release51 KB
Credem_pr_CertifiedIndependenceRequirements_06-23-11.pdf6/23/2011Certified indipendence requirements49 KB
Credemholding_pr_Shareholders_meeting_06-23-11.pdf6/23/2011Credemholding: Shareholders' meeting approved 2010 financial statements. Dividend 1.15 per share185 KB
Credem_pr_CoveredBond_06092011.pdf6/9/2011Credem issues a 500 million euro covered bond58 KB
Credem_pr_BancaEuromobiliareSuisse_disposal_06082011.pdf6/8/2011Credem signs an agreement for the sale of Banca Euromobiliare (Suisse) S.A. To Zarattini Group60 KB
Credem_pr_30052011.pdf5/30/2011Banca Euromobiliare acquires the M&A activity from Credem82 KB
Credem_pr_AdE_16052011.pdf5/16/2011Settlement on fiscal claim with the "Agenzia delle Entrate"45 KB
Credem_pr_1Qresults_05132011.pdf5/13/2011The Board of Directors approves first Quarter 2011 Group's consolidated results174 KB
Credem_pr_SP_2011-5-6.pdf5/6/2011Standard & Poor's confirms Credem's ratings and outlook43 KB
Credem_pr_27042011.pdf4/27/2011General Shareholders' meeting approves 2010 financial statements. Dividend €0.10 per share (+25%)19 KB
Credem_pr_FY2010_results.pdf3/22/2011BoD approved FY2010 results: dividend proposed 0.10 euro per share191 KB
Credem_pr_incorporation_Abaxbank_03-03-2011.pdf3/4/2011Merger by incorporation of AbaxBank into Credito Emiliano16 KB
Credem_pr_company_events_01-25-2011.pdf1/25/2011Calendar of company events15 KB
Espandi/comprimi Year : 2010 ‎(13)
Credem_pr_Abaxban_Incorporation_in_credem_16-12-2010.pdf12/16/2010The Board of Directors approves Abaxbank incorporation in Credem48 KB
Credem_pr_Fitch_affirms_ratings_2010-11-29.pdf11/29/2010Fitch affirms Credem's ratings46 KB
Credem_pr_IIIQ_results_11-11-2010.pdf11/11/2010The Board of Directors approves nine months 2010 Group's results193 KB
Credem_pr_22102010.pdf10/22/2010Board of Directors and Extraordinary General Shareholders' Meeting deliberations65 KB
Credem_pr_Moody_2010-10-13.pdf10/14/2010Credem receives first-time rating from Moody's49 KB
cs Credem semestrale 2010_eng.pdf8/27/2010The Board of Directors approves 1H10 Group's results202 KB
Credemholding_pr_shareholders_meeting_25062010.pdf6/25/2010Credemholding: shareholders' meeting approved 2009 financial statements189 KB
Credemholding_pr_BoD_approves2009results.pdf5/14/2010Credemholding: the Board approves 2009 results175 KB
Credem_pr_BoD_approves_1Q2010_130510.pdf5/13/2010The Board of Directors approves first quarter 2010176 KB
Credem_pr_approvedFY09_30042010.pdf4/30/2010The general shareholders' meeting approves 2009 financial statements66 KB
Credem_pr_Standard_Poor_23042010.pdf4/23/2010Standard & Poor's confirms Credem's Ratings and Outlook45 KB
Credem_pressRelease_FY2009results_31032010.pdf3/31/2010BoD approves FY 2009 results205 KB
Credem_pressRelease_businessPlan2010-2012.pdf1/11/2010Business Plan 2010-2012112 KB
Espandi/comprimi Year : 2009 ‎(15)
Credem_pressRelease_mergerSGR_181209.pdf12/18/2009Merger by incorporation of Euromobiliare Alternative Investments SGR into Euromobiliare Asset Management SGR executed47 KB
Credem_pressRelease_businessApproval2010-2012_121509.pdf12/15/20092010-2012 Business Plan Approval47 KB
Credem_pressRelease_BoD_3Q09.pdf11/12/2009The Board of Directors approves Group's consolidated results as at 30 september 2009211 KB
Credem_PR_FITCH-RatingLong.pdf10/16/2009Fitch affirms long term and short term Credem's ratings and lowered individual rating47 KB
Credem_PR_Statements_131009.pdf10/13/2009Statements on press rumors47 KB
Credem_PR_SPratings_1-10-09.pdf10/1/2009Standard & Poor's revises Credem's ratings45 KB
Credem_pr_approvedFH2009Results.pdf8/28/2009Credem’s BoD approved 1H2009 Results276 KB
CredemHolding_cs_approvatoBilancio2008_ing190609.pdf6/18/2009CREDEMHOLDING: shareholders' meeting approves FY2008 individual and consolidated results403 KB
PressRelease_Credem1Q09_140509.pdf5/14/2009The board of directors approves first quarter 2009296 KB
PressRelease_Credemholding_140509.pdf5/14/2009Credemholding, Board of Directors approves individual and consolidated 2008 results150 KB
Credem_pr_30042009.pdf4/30/2009The general shareholders' meeting approves 2008 financial statements38 KB
CS_Credem_ing300309.pdf3/31/2009BoD approves FY2008 results287 KB
Credem_cs_ratingSP_ing200309.pdf3/20/2009Credem: S&P's affirms "short" and "long term" ratings and revises outlook to negative from stable21 KB
CS_Credem_ing090209.pdf2/9/2009Paolo Caroli to Credemholding23 KB
Credem_pr_140109.pdf1/14/2009Abaxbank (Credem Group): Nazzareno Gregori appointed as chief executive officer23 KB
Espandi/comprimi Year : 2008 ‎(26)
Credem_pressRelease_FitchRatings2008_231208.pdf12/23/2008Fitch affirms Credem's Ratings32 KB
Creedem_pressRelease_EMTN_231208.pdf12/23/2008Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) Programme update17 KB
Press_Release2_281108.pdf11/28/2008Credem: closed the agreement to buy 34 branches from Unicredit Group19 KB
Press_Release_281108.pdf11/28/2008Credem: signed a contract for the sale of performing residential mortgages25 KB
Credem_pressRelease_191108.pdf11/19/2008Credem capital increase: auction for unexecuted rights concluded26 KB
Credem_pressRelease_3Q08_131108.pdf11/13/2008The Board of Directors approves Group's results at 30 September 2008262 KB
Comunicato_051108_eng.pdf11/5/2008Credem: Rights issue concluded38 KB
Credem_pressRelease_081008.pdf10/8/2008Credem capital increase terms and conditions38 KB
Credem_pressRelease_190908_lehman.pdf9/19/2008Credem Group: exposure to Lehman Brothers Group23 KB
Credem_pressRelease_BP2008-2010_090908.pdf9/10/2008Credem: Business Plan 2008-201072 KB
Press_Release_Credem_290808.pdf8/29/2008Credem:the Board of Directors approves 1H08 Group's results252 KB
Press_Release_Credem_280808.pdf8/28/2008Credem:Finalized branch acquisition from Banco Popolare19 KB
Press_Release_Credem030708.pdf7/3/2008Credem: the Board of Directors deliberate on rights issue29 KB
Credem_PressRelease260608.pdf6/26/2008Credem:extraordinary shareholders' meeting grants powers to the board of directors on capital increase29 KB
Press_Release_Holding_270608.pdf6/26/2008CREDEMHOLDING: shareholders' meeting approves FY2007 individual and consolidated results, (dividend at 3.50 euros per share), resolves a capital increase of 110 million euros and grants powers to the board to further increase share capital up to an ...410 KB
Credem_press_release_240608.pdf6/24/2008Credem Group: Bank of Italy authorizes the new internal Basel 2 rating models19 KB
Credem_pressRelease_160508.pdf5/16/2008Credem Acquires 34 branches from Unicredit Group34 KB
Credem_pressRelease_1Q08results_150508.pdf5/15/2008The Board of Directors calls the extraordinary shareholders' meeting to resolve on proposed capital increase and approves 1Q08 group's results'175 KB
Credemholding_pressRelease_FY2007_150508.pdf5/15/2008Credemholding: Board of Directors approves FY2007 individual and consolidated results, dividend at 3.50 euros per share; shareholders' meeting called for capital increase401 KB
Credem_pressRelease_GSM07results_290408.pdf4/29/2008The general shareholders' meeting approves 2007 financial statements43 KB
Comunicato_banco_popolare_eng_3103.pdf3/29/2008Credem acquires 33 branches from Banco Popolare29 KB
Credem_pressRelease_FY07results.pdf3/27/2008Board of Directors approves FY 2007 results268 KB
Credem_pressRelease_bancassurane_140308.pdf3/14/2008Credem and Reale Mutua Assicurazioni sign a bancassurance agreement52 KB
Comunicato_12feb2008_eng.pdf2/12/2008Credem Group reinforces its presence in the private banking business46 KB
Comunicato_SeP_upgrades_Credem_eng_24_01.pdf1/17/2008S&P's upgrades Credem40 KB
Comunicato CitiBank International PLC_eng.pdf1/14/2008Credem negotiating for Citibank italian "Gestione patrimoni" network42 KB
Espandi/comprimi Year : 2007 ‎(18)
Credem_pressRelease_FITCH_ratings.pdf12/18/2007Fitch affirms Credem's ratings79 KB
Credem_pressRelease_EMTN_Programme_update.pdf12/17/2007EMTN programme update25 KB
Credem_pressRelease_3Q07.pdf11/14/2007Board of Directors approves 3Q 2007 results262 KB
Credem_pressRelease_Credemvita_Credemassicurazioni.pdf11/14/2007Credem Group signed an agreement for acquiring 100% control of Credemvita and Credemassicurazioni222 KB
Credem_pressRelease_1H07.pdf9/13/2007Board of Directors approves 1H 2007 results261 KB
Credem_pressRelease_290807.pdf8/29/2007Credem - Cariparma offer for Intesa Sanpaolo branches8 KB
Credem_pressRelease_230707.pdf7/23/2007Credem's statement on press rumors24 KB
Creacasa_press_release.pdf7/16/2007Credem launches Creacasa30 KB
Credem_pressRelease_EuromobiliareSim_250607.pdf5/25/2007Euromobiliare SIM disposal agreement signed today36 KB
Credem_1Q07results_press_release.pdf5/15/2007Board of Directors approves 1Q 2007 results296 KB
Credemholding_cs_1Q07results.pdf5/15/2007Credemholding: Board of Directors approves FY2006 individual and consolidated results374 KB
Credem_press_release_GSM_300407.pdf4/30/2007The general shareholders' meeting approves 2006 financial statements56 KB
Credem_pressRelease_FY06results.pdf3/29/2007Board of Directors approves FY 2006 results390 KB
Credem_pressrelease_130307.pdf3/13/2007Credem launches a a € 1 billion Eurobond24 KB
CREDEM_PRESS_RELEASE_12_FEB_07.pdf2/12/2007Credem's statement on press rumors25 KB
credem_press_release_2007.pdf2/7/2007Credem's statement on press rumors18 KB
cs_emtn_Jan07.pdf1/22/2007Credem launches a € 500mn Eurobond24 KB
SeP_affirms_Credem_ratings.pdf1/22/2007Standard & Poor's affirms Credem's ratings26 KB
Espandi/comprimi Year : 2006 ‎(11)
Credem_emtn_program_press_release_201206.pdf12/20/2006Update of the Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) Programme32 KB
Credem_press_release_Fitchratings.pdf11/29/2006Fitch affirms Credem's ratings22 KB
Credem_press_release_3Q06.pdf11/13/2006Board of Directors approves 3Q 2006 results185 KB
Credem_press_release_1Q2006_100506.pdf10/5/2006Board of Directors approves 1Q 2006 results42 KB
Credem_press_2006-2008_Business_plan_180906.pdf9/18/2006Credem presents 2006-2008 Business Plan35 KB
Credem_press_release_1H06.pdf9/13/2006Board of Directors approves 1H 2006 results313 KB
Credem_press_release_managChange_060306.pdf6/3/2006Top Management change in Euromobiliare Asset Management Sgr and Euromobiliare Alternative Investments Sgr58 KB
Credem_press_release_eurobond_050406.pdf5/4/2006Credem launches a five-year € 400-mn Eurobond19 KB
Credem_press_release_FY2005_results.pdf3/29/2006FY 2005 Results63 KB
Credem_press_release_eurobond_190106.pdf1/19/2006Credem launches a seven-year € 350-mn Eurobond16 KB
Credem_press_release_Standard_Poors_170106.pdf1/17/2006Standard & Poor's upgrades Italy's Credem outlook to 'Positive' from 'Stable' and affirms ratings382 KB
Espandi/comprimi Year : 2005 ‎(9)
Credem_press_release_FitchRatings_211205.pdf12/21/2005Fitch upgrades Italy's Credem individual rating to 'B' from 'B/C'28 KB
Credem_press_release_EMTN_Programme_december2005.pdf12/13/2005Extended of the Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) programme15 KB
Credem_press_release_3Q2005_141105.pdf11/14/2005Boards of directors approves 3Q 2005 results66 KB
Credem_press_release_10062005_Eurobond.pdf10/6/2005Credem launches a three-year € 350-mn Eurobond56 KB
Credem_press_release_10052005_approves1Q05.pdf10/5/2005Board of directors approves first quarter 2005 results46 KB
Credem_press_release_approves1H05_080905.pdf8/9/2005Board of directors approves first half 2005 results453 KB
Credem_press_release_approval_fy2004_290405.pdf4/29/2005Shareholders' meeting approves 2004 financial statements; Dividend € 0.25 per share76 KB
Credem_press_release_240305_FY2004Results.pdf3/24/2005FY2004 Results615 KB
Credem_press_release_012005_new_vp.pdf1/20/2005Luigi Marmotti new vice chairman65 KB
Espandi/comprimi Year : 2004 ‎(6)
Credem_press_release_05-12-2004.pdf12/5/2004Credem approves the 2004-2006 plan and results for the quarter ended March 31st 200458 KB
Credem_comunicato_111104_ENG.pdf11/11/2004Credem: 3Q 2004 results76 KB
Credem_comunicato_090904_ENG.pdf9/9/2004CREDEM approves results for first half 2004108 KB
Credem_comunicato_081104_EN.pdf8/11/2004CREDEM Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) Programme57 KB
Credem_ratings_feb04.pdf5/3/2004Fitch affirms Credem's ratings65 KB
Credem_fy2003_032504.pdf3/25/2004Credem FY Results for 200365 KB

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Informativa Finanziaria Periodica 30092016_ENG.pdfAdditional periodic financial disclosure at 09/30/2016
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Credem presentazione FY16_Conf Call_ENG.pdfConference Call Preliminary 2016 Group Results
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Press releases:
2016 Group Results_Press Release.pdfCredem, 2016 preliminary consolidated results: solidity (CET1 13.15%), profitability (ROE 5.4%), support to the economy (loans +4.6% YoY)
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