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Year 2006
Credem_emtn_program_press_release_201206.pdf12/20/2006Update of the Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) Programme32 KB
Credem_press_release_Fitchratings.pdf11/29/2006Fitch affirms Credem's ratings22 KB
Credem_press_release_3Q06.pdf11/13/2006Board of Directors approves 3Q 2006 results185 KB
Credem_press_release_1Q2006_100506.pdf10/5/2006Board of Directors approves 1Q 2006 results42 KB
Credem_press_2006-2008_Business_plan_180906.pdf9/18/2006Credem presents 2006-2008 Business Plan35 KB
Credem_press_release_1H06.pdf9/13/2006Board of Directors approves 1H 2006 results313 KB
Credem_press_release_managChange_060306.pdf6/3/2006Top Management change in Euromobiliare Asset Management Sgr and Euromobiliare Alternative Investments Sgr58 KB
Credem_press_release_eurobond_050406.pdf5/4/2006Credem launches a five-year € 400-mn Eurobond19 KB
Credem_press_release_FY2005_results.pdf3/29/2006FY 2005 Results63 KB
Credem_press_release_eurobond_190106.pdf1/19/2006Credem launches a seven-year € 350-mn Eurobond16 KB
Credem_press_release_Standard_Poors_170106.pdf1/17/2006Standard & Poor's upgrades Italy's Credem outlook to 'Positive' from 'Stable' and affirms ratings382 KB

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Informativa Finanziaria Periodica 30092016_ENG.pdfAdditional periodic financial disclosure at 09/30/2016
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Credem presentazione FY16_Conf Call_ENG.pdfConference Call Preliminary 2016 Group Results
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2016 Group Results_Press Release.pdfCredem, 2016 preliminary consolidated results: solidity (CET1 13.15%), profitability (ROE 5.4%), support to the economy (loans +4.6% YoY)
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