Press releases

Year 2008
Credem_pressRelease_FitchRatings2008_231208.pdf12/23/2008Fitch affirms Credem's Ratings32 KB
Creedem_pressRelease_EMTN_231208.pdf12/23/2008Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) Programme update17 KB
Press_Release2_281108.pdf11/28/2008Credem: closed the agreement to buy 34 branches from Unicredit Group19 KB
Press_Release_281108.pdf11/28/2008Credem: signed a contract for the sale of performing residential mortgages25 KB
Credem_pressRelease_191108.pdf11/19/2008Credem capital increase: auction for unexecuted rights concluded26 KB
Credem_pressRelease_3Q08_131108.pdf11/13/2008The Board of Directors approves Group's results at 30 September 2008262 KB
Comunicato_051108_eng.pdf11/5/2008Credem: Rights issue concluded38 KB
Credem_pressRelease_081008.pdf10/8/2008Credem capital increase terms and conditions38 KB
Credem_pressRelease_190908_lehman.pdf9/19/2008Credem Group: exposure to Lehman Brothers Group23 KB
Credem_pressRelease_BP2008-2010_090908.pdf9/10/2008Credem: Business Plan 2008-201072 KB
Press_Release_Credem_290808.pdf8/29/2008Credem:the Board of Directors approves 1H08 Group's results252 KB
Press_Release_Credem_280808.pdf8/28/2008Credem:Finalized branch acquisition from Banco Popolare19 KB
Press_Release_Credem030708.pdf7/3/2008Credem: the Board of Directors deliberate on rights issue29 KB
Credem_PressRelease260608.pdf6/26/2008Credem:extraordinary shareholders' meeting grants powers to the board of directors on capital increase29 KB
Press_Release_Holding_270608.pdf6/26/2008CREDEMHOLDING: shareholders' meeting approves FY2007 individual and consolidated results, (dividend at 3.50 euros per share), resolves a capital increase of 110 million euros and grants powers to the board to further increase share capital up to an ...410 KB
Credem_press_release_240608.pdf6/24/2008Credem Group: Bank of Italy authorizes the new internal Basel 2 rating models19 KB
Credem_pressRelease_160508.pdf5/16/2008Credem Acquires 34 branches from Unicredit Group34 KB
Credem_pressRelease_1Q08results_150508.pdf5/15/2008The Board of Directors calls the extraordinary shareholders' meeting to resolve on proposed capital increase and approves 1Q08 group's results'175 KB
Credemholding_pressRelease_FY2007_150508.pdf5/15/2008Credemholding: Board of Directors approves FY2007 individual and consolidated results, dividend at 3.50 euros per share; shareholders' meeting called for capital increase401 KB
Credem_pressRelease_GSM07results_290408.pdf4/29/2008The general shareholders' meeting approves 2007 financial statements43 KB
Comunicato_banco_popolare_eng_3103.pdf3/29/2008Credem acquires 33 branches from Banco Popolare29 KB
Credem_pressRelease_FY07results.pdf3/27/2008Board of Directors approves FY 2007 results268 KB
Credem_pressRelease_bancassurane_140308.pdf3/14/2008Credem and Reale Mutua Assicurazioni sign a bancassurance agreement52 KB
Comunicato_12feb2008_eng.pdf2/12/2008Credem Group reinforces its presence in the private banking business46 KB
Comunicato_SeP_upgrades_Credem_eng_24_01.pdf1/17/2008S&P's upgrades Credem40 KB
Comunicato CitiBank International PLC_eng.pdf1/14/2008Credem negotiating for Citibank italian "Gestione patrimoni" network42 KB

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Informativa Finanziaria Periodica 30092016_ENG.pdfAdditional periodic financial disclosure at 09/30/2016
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Credem presentazione FY16_Conf Call_ENG.pdfConference Call Preliminary 2016 Group Results
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2016 Group Results_Press Release.pdfCredem, 2016 preliminary consolidated results: solidity (CET1 13.15%), profitability (ROE 5.4%), support to the economy (loans +4.6% YoY)
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