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Year 2012
PR 9M2012.pdf11/14/2012Credem, the Board of Directors approves 9M2012 Group's consolidated results: net profit +5.5%180 KB
PR Credem BNP Depositary Bank.pdf9/10/2012Credem completes the sale of its depository and correspondent banking57 KB
Credem_PR _1H12_29082012.pdf8/30/2012The Board of Directors approves first half 2012 Group's consolidated results: net profit +23.2%200 KB
PR_Credem_Fitch_29August2012.pdf8/29/2012Fitch affirms ratings44 KB
Credem_pr_SP_08062012.pdf8/6/2012Standard & Poor's affirms ratings44 KB
Credem_Press_release_Moodys_2012-7-17.pdf7/17/2012Moody’s changes Credem rating47 KB
Press_release_Credemholding_27-06-2012.pdf6/28/2012Credemholding: Shareholders' meeting approved 2011 financial statements. Dividend 1.25 per share179 KB
Credem_pr_1Q12_results_05152012.pdf5/15/2012The Board of Directors approves first quarter 2012 Group's consolidated results: net profit +35.9% AT €41.6 196 KB
Credem_pr_Depository_Bank_dismissal.pdf5/7/2012Credem signs an agreement for the sale of its depository and correspondent banking activites to BNP Paribas Securities Services58 KB
PR_Credem Shareholders_Meeting_2011.pdf4/30/2012General Shareholders' meeting approves 2011 financial statements. Dividend €0.10 per share78 KB
Credem_pr_FY2011_16032012.pdf3/16/2012The Board of Directors approves full year 2011 Group's consolidated results: net profit + 23.8%, dividend 0.10 euro per share207 KB
Credem_pr_Moodys_16022012.pdf2/16/2012Moody's places Credem ratings under review15 KB
Credem_pr_SP_rating_02-13-2012.pdf2/13/2012Standard & Poor’s changes Credem rating49 KB
Credem_pr_company_events_2012.pdf1/26/2012Calendar of company events52 KB

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Informativa Finanziaria Periodica 30092016_ENG.pdfAdditional periodic financial disclosure at 09/30/2016
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Credem presentazione FY16_Conf Call_ENG.pdfConference Call Preliminary 2016 Group Results
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2016 Group Results_Press Release.pdfCredem, 2016 preliminary consolidated results: solidity (CET1 13.15%), profitability (ROE 5.4%), support to the economy (loans +4.6% YoY)
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