Punto Luce is a socio-educational centre which offers growth and development opportunities.
Coordinated by education experts and run by volunteers, the centres are located in the most deprived areas, where services and opportunities are severely lacking, and are open to children, adolescents and their parents.

Inside, they offer activities such as:

  • help with schoolwork;
  • workshops (music, theatre, film, photography, etc.);
  • training on using the new media;
  • parent education;
  • mother empowerment activities (mum clubs, self-help);
  • consultancy and guidance services for families (e.g. legal desk);
  • paediatric consultancy, food and healthy lifestyle education.

 Save the Children currently has 23 Punti Luce in Italy, in 18 different cities.


This video emphasises the beauty of being a child and the huge challenge faced by educators every day: providing them with the best possible support during their development.

A Punto Luce is a place of Experiences, Opportunities and Growth.

A Punto Luce is a place where you can be free!

A few stories

For Giorgio, Erica and Riccardo, the Punto Luce has become an important part of their lives. Each of these children comes from a difficult home environment and has the misfortune of living in areas lacking services, areas to play in and future prospects, with high levels of crime and youth unemployment.

They began attending the Punti Luce in their respective towns, developing a passion for the various activities and beginning to believe in their dreams. In fact, the activities run by the Punto Luce (theatre, football, etc.) are very powerful forms of stimulation, capable of transforming difficulties into creativity, self-expression and teamwork based on strong values.

In this way Giorgio, so demoralised by his failures at school that he considered dropping out completely, was able to understand the importance of studying if you want to construct a better future for yourself. The work of the educators enabled him to believe in himself and his future.

Thanks to the Punto Luce of Turin, Erica has developed a passion for volleyball; thanks to the Punto Luce of Naples, Riccardo has fallen in love with the theatre.