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The Non-Financial Statement (NFS) covers the environmental and social themes and issues connected with the workforce, respect for human rights and the combating of active and passive corruption established by Italian Legislative Decree 254/2016 and regarded as relevant for the company’s activities.

ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS: prevention and control of pollution, impact deriving from the use of energy and the disposal of products and services, atmospheric emissions, use and protection of natural resources, waste management, development of green products and services.

SOCIAL ASPECTS AND ASPECTS RELATED TO WORKFORCE: issues connected with diversity, also in terms of gender, equal treatment with regard to employment, training, relations with consumers and the community, including the social and economic development of local communities.

RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS: what the Group expects from its management, employees and business partners to prevent violations and prevent discriminatory attitudes and actions.

ASPECTS CONNECTED WITH ACTIVE AND PASSIVE CORRUPTION: policies and measures adopted, criteria used to evaluate risks connected with corruption, appropriate training for employees and use of internal reporting mechanisms.


The results of the survey will be used to define the Sustainability issues of material significance to the Group and its stakeholders, which will be reported in the 2019 NFS.

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